adidas global training

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adidas global training

adidas global training

connecting adidas trainers worldwide – impossible is nothing

The global adidas Training division, a client from our very first hours, was looking for the fitting digital tools to connect their international network of trainers with each-other. The first steps involved setting up and feeding the facebook community site and the tumblr. Next stage was the planning, design and development of a designated ‘adidas training community site’ within the environment. Kind of a ‘Hidden Facebook’, exclusively for certified adidas trainers around the globe. Right now, our team is busy with the design & development of an ‘adidas Global Training App’ that will run on all iOS devices as well as on Android systems. The app will provide access to premium workouts, Q&A’s and interviews. It will also serve as a social media tool for professional athletes. And we just heard that we’re gonna play ball with Dwight Howard! Watch out, big guy.

adidas global training adidas global training adidas global training

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