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Bring color and beauty to the city!

For Cirque du Soleil Europe, we created and developed this experience site that allowed Cirque fans to express their artistic side. The show’s story circling around a little girl that feels all alone and sad in the big grey city, we enabled the users to help out and add some colour to the scenery. We ended up creating a full-scale visualizing software interface. Something between an illustrator light and paint. But then for true online graffiti artists. The wide selection of tools, stencils, spray cans & colours was extensively used to create some outstanding pieces. Monthly wall art competitions to win free tickets for the show helped to stir up the hype.

The true twist was that all the painted walls were not only visible to all users but also customisable. So you could add your own splash of colour on the work of others to collaborate. The affected wall owners would be notified by mail and like this, thousands of potential artisits gave their best to outshine each other.

cirque du soleil cirque du soleil cirque du soleil

cirque du soleil cirque du soleil cirque du soleil cirque du soleil

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